AmadaXtreme this name come from? ??????

Shock Absorber, experience with production up more than 30 years of family business. After graduate Engineering.
It helps the family business. With studies like the lower range cars. Think production will be Shock Absorber of quality equivalent to the market outside. To see machinery in the factory several brands. Machinery is imported from Japan Brand AMADA is thought to be produced for Shock Absorber Brand AmadaXtreme visible because of advances in Japan

Spark of Off-Road.

From a race known (Bird) ChakhritChawa Sin, the arts and be watchful (Phi To) Samphan Chawa Sin, the relationship that makes art AmadaXtreme Shock Absorber support, both in a race course OFFROAD TROTHY in Thailand is that of access to court. competition. With a pupil Engineering. Shock Absorber study is a challenge. Ideas make no stops. The study has the advantages of Shock Subtank, Shock. Shock Absorber, and has produced up to a race relations - be watchful that the arts and then one day a trial race two I tell you to call. Thailand has champions !!!!! That is the first point. That I step into Off-Road community seriously. If mention of a competitive ASEAN. Everyone will know that SIMEX CHALLANGE Malaysia.

Champion of champions from Thailand to the ASEAN championship on SIMEX Malaysia

I have known a race and then increased And you know I was pretty fortunate Phi Suthat Kham Bun Lue or make a brief call " Phi Chae" circles of Off-Road" which has a Phi Chae Shock Absorber Subtank Amada Xtreme represent Thailand to compete at the SIMEX CHALLENGE Malaysia SIMEX that Malaysia has already champions once again. This is my pride. The Shock Absorber of foreign devils can win.

Phi Chae telling a panic that I've asked many, Shock Absorber No Name Brand What I'm very proud every time that Shock, a Thai brand AmadaXtreme up and that is another point of inspiration to me. study of Shock Absorber, which seriously Subtank Shock Subtank Shock Absorber is used in industry competition. Value CLEARANCE. In a little Sandwich Valve is a valve system responsive to work quickly and accurately. It works a full response. Shock Absorber to a thermal well UNSPRUNG weight low I know the benefits. So bring a selling point in Brand AmadaXtreme.

Shock is known, then the world up Amada Xtreme.

I know when you match Khun Somthop PhuetSuwan or " Hia Soi" I ask, "Hia Soi to compete for OUTBACK CHALLENGE 2007 AUSTRALIA interest to support Shock Absorber in the official competition. "I answered quickly agreed. I think that the opportunity came to me under the Shock Absorber Brand AmadaXtreme will be recognized abroad. Then we are successful again on the win OUT BACK CHALLENGE 2007 AUSTRALIA I are proud of again. Shock Absorber, a possible Thai.

Competition in Off-Road OFFROAD TROTHY in Thailand, I think more than half a race to support me in the Shock Absorber Brand Amada Xtreme that I talk about a race all I think a race is to stimulate and support I've come to the Off-Road community seriously.

Why, Shock Absorber, Amada Xtreme Why out ????? I ask a question

Amada Xtreme, Shock Absorber successful. Everything from the design. Education seriously. And the Off Road community in the years up to 5 is by design. The first Thai to do better than the outside. Over Spec everything I could bang 25 micron hard core plate cylinder 40 Miller Induction to the hardness of the core using a core and S45C steel !!!!! I use a revolutionary core of Miller's first 20 in Thailand Off-Road community in both home and car. I focused design Over Spec.

Products is an important point in the market long. We need to answer customer questions that customers want What is the origin of products from multiple SERIE.

SERIE SUBTANK AmadaXtreme Popular

Shock Absorber Subtank good if people love and want to use a Extreme (endure) Subtank because it must respond to Shock Absorber, driving confidence. Shock Absorber system is one system Monotube Subtank a pipe system from the gas separation system. Make better cooling system and a Sandwich valve, a beady-Oil good one. Valve system that is accurate. Allow faster response. The shirt is aluminum alloys officer. This material is the cooling. Made at the region's oil industry in Shock Absorber slack Because the cooling system is always upside down holdfast-core Shock Absorber, head back to the bottom of the lower stickiness with last car to Moving Mass (total mass of the movable lower range) result in less range. lower response quickly. And control the system easily Underdamp called sticky or no bias, Shock is not bad, you get several brands will note that often, a sharing Shock Absorber heads back almost all brands. Because of the properties. Outstanding as to tell! And still good. Because the product is Made to order production for each user SUBTANK Amada Xtreme especially popular because it is a beauty of it.

Why the M-SUBTANK???

With a good response. We have developed, Shock Absorber M-SUBTANK enter with a car coilspring over shock such as Shock Absorber pair of Font VIGO 4 WD, FORTUNNER, DMAX 2 WD, TRITRON 4 WD, NAVARA 2,4 WD, the aluminum would not be appropriate. Field strength, we do a Body to strengthen steel. Shock Absorber will have been loads better.


Shock Absorber, oil up 20 Miller cylindrical core 40 for a black car on the road. Models that we market. For popular car home. A product that meets the needs of customers. Want to drive fast? Need some softness. Car drivers are generally dark street. Unused Off-Road full. It is a version of Adventure, a Shock Absorber with customers to select a weight class 3.

Champion ship= big wheel for a car tune up style decorating style Winch Off-Road.
Sport = for driving fast. Need Sport Confidence in the use of speed.
Comfort = for those who like softness Comfortable on the road.

We also have Steering Shocks, For OFF ROAD use only by vehicles entering Big wheel And that is why I need a distributor Traning Amada Xtreme Shock Absorber of me and I think every brand of every product must produce a good product to sell out. I do not think that is the brand that will produce the goods. Ill sell out. Match but that we are the products work well with? Is the source of My slogan. "Yes, sure " desirable" because customers must first be assured of products coupled with the goods Match between products with the needs of users that desirable? When a customer pleasing customers is impressive to say yes.

Traning for dealers I will say that my representative. For customers. Should like softness Comfortable on the road. This is a version Comfort Turning the box for customers to change the MAX I will analyze the large rubber big client to drive it fast I suggest using a version of Sport Champion ship models are suitable for customers that enter Winch. Contact page Change Bumper 31 inch tires 32 inch series 5 inch lift weights because the car will be increased because nearly hundreds kilo.

If we can answer customer proposition. Then enter the customer satisfaction. I can answer your product and customer proposition indeed. Why Shock Absorber Amada Xtreme.

Amada Xtreme Shock Absorber Brand is a product of Thailand. I need to develop research products to customers in Thailand And certainly in Thailand. Similar pickup in the country to enter commercial Winch wheel centipede if Shock Absorber take-up outside to enter the car in Thailand is not appropriate, because Shock Absorber could be too hard, I do Shock Absorber, Amada Extreme to do for Thai people Only.

Suggest new product version is SERIE EXPLORER COIL OVER SHOCK, now produced, is only 2 versions FORTUNER VIGO, and there will be several models that are based on the (Coming Soon), this product is effective in use. well Shock Absorber is a Monotube Gas-up system and a separate pipe system Shock Absorber Side Down, and can adjust the level height of the car by itself. And is installing a system to help Spherical Bearing the flexibility of the lower range is very flexible. Is beautiful because we emphasize On the design of good side Suitable for general car home do not have a car must be Off-Road.

Now the company has expanded into markets such as Burma, Laos, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, etc. and the open Webside a foreign interest. And received very positive Visit goods. Interested Products Contact Dealers nationwide company Pioneer Engineering. International Ltd. Tel 034-326101-2 Fax: 034-225-487 Mobile 085-042-5051,084-147-0099,083-122-4524.


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